Campaign Finance

Kelly Lathe; Module 9 Lesson 2 Mastery

Table - Obama for America TV Ad

AD's like these can cost up to 1.5 million dollars just to be aired on TV during the afternoon and late at night.

Obama is currently the democratic president!

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Some organizations that support the Democratic Party:

Lockhead Martin, Bank of America, Honeywell International Inc., Microsoft Corporation, AT&T, Inc., Comcast Corporation, and The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.


1. Federal Campaign Finance Act of 1971

  • Set rules on how to finance a campaign; required public disclose of each candidate’s sending and tried to limit the amount an individual or group could donate

2. Presidential Election Campaign Fund

  • A public fund for presidential elections collected by donations from citizens

3. Soft Money

  • Donations given to political parties and not designated for a particular candidate; candidates can raise unlimited amounts of this, but it can be used for general expenses

4. PAC’s

  • Political organizations established by corporations, labor unions, and other special interest groups designed to support candidates by contributing money

5. Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act

  • Prohibits national parties from raising or spending non-federal funds; also limits fundraising by federal and non-federal candidates and officeholders; requires states, district, and local party committees to fund the federal election with federal funds