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I am so excited you are joining me in my exploration for alternatives to natural health and wellness through Young Living Essential Oils. We are here to help one another. I will be sharing success stories and resources that may help you make the most out of the Young Living oils you have on hand, or to help you make a more informed decision if looking to see if Young Living's products are a good fit for you and your family.

Check out this colorful online booklet - Essential Oils Starter Guide. This will give you a little recap of what you may have learned at a class and help you get started: http://issuu.com/lorimillsgordon/docs/ord_7th_ed_online

The importance of health and wellness is that we become our own health advocate. We are on this journey together and to support each other and learn from one another, however, we are not doctors, and cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent.

Resources to consider for your oily journey:
- Essential Oils Pocket Reference
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-When Modern Medicine Fails
- www.ylsearch.com
- www.pubmed.gov
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8 Essential Oils for a Better Night's Sleep

Falling asleep is generally something I have a problem with…

Between chasing around my 9, 7 and 1 year old kiddos, managing an ever growing Oily in the RGV business, and keeping up with my crazy busy home life, I’m usually half-asleep but unable to shut off my brain when my head hits the pillow.

It seems that I am not alone and that many other folks struggle with getting a good night’s sleep as well.

In fact, it’s an issue that I hear come up very, very frequently on my essential oil team’s Facebook group and in classes all the time. It seems that between stress and hormones, there are truckloads of people who are continually eluded by a good night’s sleep.

The good news? I have an oil for that! Actually, not just one oil. There are, in fact, numerous essential oils for sleep.

The trick is finding exactly which essential oil your body likes best. Since every person is different, an oil that might send one person straight to dreamland, might not do a thing for someone else.

Sometimes finding the best oil for you just takes a little bit of trial and error. However, once you find that magic combo, life will never be the same.

8 Essential Oils for Sleep

1. Lavender

I’m betting you probably aren’t surprised to see lavender at the top of the list, huh? Most people are aware that lavender is somehow related to sleep, but what most people don’t know is that this has been studied extensively and its effectiveness is more than just an Old Wives Tale.

One study done in the United Kingdom showed promising results in using the aroma of Lavender oil for better sleep (1).

Another study observed that inhalation of lavender and several other essential oils improved sleep qualify of 56 ICU patients (2).

So as innocent as lavender may seem, it packs an impressive (and very scientific) punch in the sleep department.

2. Vetiver

Vetiver essential oil is distilled from the roots of the plant. It’s rich and earthy smelling, and it’s my go-to oil when I need to help my brain “shut-off” for the night. It took me a while to get used to the smell, so if you are a vetiver newbie, you might try mixing it with a “lighter” oil, such as lavender or roman chamomile. I personally like to apply it neat or without a carrier oil to the bottoms of my feet just before bed.

3. Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile essential oil is known for is calming, soothing, and relaxing properties. It has a light, floral scent and is wonderful for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. Great in the diffuser mixed with a few of the other Sleep enhancing oils.

4. Ylang Ylang

I’m glad I get to type this one today instead of trying to say it out loud. I honestly look like a dog with peanut butter stuck on the roof of its mouth whenever I try to pronounce it, but regardless, ylang ylang is a wonderful choice if you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep. It’s very floral and smells a bit fruity (at least to me). *Side note: this is one that might inspire a little romance before sleepy time as well: wink, wink.)

5. Bergamot

I’ve had a strange attraction to bergamot ever since I opened my first bottle. Bergamot is a citrus fruit and the oil is cold-pressed from the rind or peel. Most citrus oils (like grapefruit or wild orange) tend to have a bit of a stimulating effect, but bergamot is different. It’s bright, yet calming at the same time. It’s one of the first ones I reach for when I need a bit of “emotional balancing,” and I add it to ALL of my sleep blends.

**Note** Bergamot is extremely photosensitive, which means it can make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Therefore, avoid applying bergamot before going outside, or only apply to covered skin.

6. Sandalwood

I love the rich, woodsy oils, and sandalwood is no exception. It is a pricier oil, but a little bit goes a long way. This is on my wish list, but hasn’t made it into my oily arsenal yet.

7. Marjoram

I know, I know… The first time I heard of marjoram essential oil, all I could think of was using it in cooking. But its benefits go far beyond that! Not only is marjoram essential oil wonderful for muscles and joints, but it also excels in creating peaceful sleep.

8. Cedarwood

I adore the earthy, woody smell of cedarwood essential oil. I frequently reach for it if I need to calm my brain down after a busy day. I like to use it topically, or put it in my diffuser. It blends well with lighter, floral oils, or is great on its own, too.

How to Use These Essential Oils for Sleep

When I’m using my essential oil stash to create a more peaceful sleeping atmosphere, there are two main methods that I use:

1. Topical Use

Applying oil topically can be a wonderful way to reap their benefits. I generally rub oils on the back of my neck, or on the bottoms of my feet before bed. You can also use a vegetable oil of some sort (like sweet almond oil) to dilute them, and then rub them into your skin. My Bedtime Oily regimen for sleep is Lavender down my spine and on my writs, Vetiver and Cedarwood on my feet and Bergamot on my neck and behind my ears. This is what I have found that works for me, remember you could be totally different. What works for one may not work for another….

2. Aromatic Use

My other secret essential oil weapon is my collection of essential oil diffusers. As you know, I have *cough* several and I use them ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s easy to add just a few drops of any of these oils to a bit of water in your essential oil diffuser, set by your bedside, and you’ll be in dreamland in no time.

I have been using Young Living essential oils for 1 year now and absolutely love them. In fact, they are the only ones I use in my home. If you would like more information on how you can get your hands on these amazing pure and natural essential oils contact me and I can help.

My Oily Journey

Lezlie Rowe

Young Living Independent Distributor #2068871

I began using Young Living Essential Oils in October of 2014 out of desperation. My family of 5 was unwell and something had to change. I contacted a friend who had gone "Oily Crazy" and she offered to help. That was all it took! I began using YL Oils and never turned back. My family is happier and healthier. We have achieved wellness, overcome illnesses, and found abundance with Young Living. After a few days of using these God Given oils I began sharing with others about how they were helping me and my family. It was natural and I was so very excited to share and help others. Before I knew it I was hosting classes and teaching in one on one meetings. I was creating my own business all while I was home taking care of my family. I have been blessed immensely by Young Living and also by the many people who have joined my team. You can achieve abundance too. All you have to do is share! Let me help you begin your own Business Journey with Young Living!