Maori Tribes

Cutlure and Traditions, Legends, Maoris today

Culture and Traditions

* The dance that the Maori people are know for is their dance called the Haka, it is to represent their harmony with each other and power on the war-zone.

* The priests would do rituals when some or something to communicate with the gods that something behaved poorly.

*Their funeral services were most important to them, they would last many days, and people from around the country would come to pay the person that has pasted and their other ancestors.

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Maori People Today

*To keep their culture alive, they have schools teaching their traditional language.

*Some of the Maori people have moved out of the tribal areas, and others have moved to Australia.

*Many Maoris lately have not been marring of their own tribe, instead they have been marring what they call the "white clouds".

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