Golden Retriever

the perfect family dog


Origin: highlands of Scotland

Temperature environment: can be outside but should live indoors.

Exercise: should get 40-60 minutes a day.

Grooming: this dog will shed so you should groom him/her occasionally but you may find it easier to brush them everyday.

Eating arrangements: these dogs love to eat! so limit treats and measure out their food rather than leaving some out all the time to prevent them getting over weight.

Purchase: there are options. you can adopt a pet or you can buy one. Going to you can adopt a golden retriever or

- second most popular breed.

- first dog ever to win the AKC obedience championship in 1977.

- one of the most intelligent breeds.

- their pain tolerance is high.

- they have strong jaws and sharp teeth but believe it or not they have soft mouths being able to carry an animal or even an egg without hurting or breaking it.