Moore Square Counselors Corner

First Semester Review

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Moore Square students have been visited by the school counselors in every grade this semester. All of the students were taught a School Counselor Orientation Lesson and Bully Prevention Lesson. The students should be able to recite the Three R's of Bullying and ways to help peers who are being bullied. Sixth and Seventh graders were taught a Study Skills Lesson and should be able to explain their learning styles.

Peer Mediation Program

Resolving Conflicts with Peer Support

Ms. Mondora and Jon Powell partnered up with the counselors and helped create a Peer Mediation Program for the third year. In September, 20 7th and 8th grade students were trained by Campbell Law School Staff and students on mediation. Our students began mediating conflicts at the end of first quarter. This semester our peer mediators have mediated 6 conflicts. We are encouraging our students to refer conflicts that they witness by using our referral forms or by letting a teacher, counselor or administrator aware. We look forward to reducing physical aggression by resolving our conflicts through peer mediation. Please encourage your child to help each other resolve conflicts.

Second Semester Electives

Starting January, all students will receive new electives. In December, students had the opportunity to choose electives for January. Students took forms home to get input from parents as well as parent signatures. Our goal is to make sure students receive an elective that they will enjoy and will be able to capitalize on their gifts and talents.