Brandon Cantrell


My theme is believe in yourself because there has been times when people haven't believed in me which is quite alot of the time and it didn't make me feel very good/happy so i think you should so you can feel good about your self throughout your long term or short term life.
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Character 1

One of the characters in my life story thing is my mother because even when people didn't believe in me (which was most of the time) she still believed in me and it made me feel happy even though she was one of a few people who believed in me.
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Character 2

one more character in my life is my teachers because when i didnt do good in school like starting middle school like 6th grade. my teachers believed in me when i didn't and that gave me hope to do better in school. but as i said not many people believed in me but people who are actually good people inside did.
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Character 3

One more character in my life that believed in me was my fellow students. some of the students who were my friends believed in me. not often but sometimes they did and when they did i believed i could do anything. anything like get my grades up or be nicer to people. just about anything.


the setting of my story is everywhere. no matter where you are whether you're at school or at a sporting event or just at your house you should always believe in yourself because if you do you can achieve many things you didn't know you could do.


1. An event that has influenced how my story unfolded is i believed that i would do good at school when i was younger. and i did i did very well because it was all easy now its really complex and confusing but i believed in myself and some of my friends did too and i did good.

2. Another event from my life is when i was in 6th grade i had really bad grades like really bad i think 3 fs. and i believed i could get them up and surprisingly i did. and even more surprisingly i made it on the honor roll for 3.5 i think. and i believed that i would get them up but i never believed i would make it on the honor roll.

3. One more event that has influenced how my story unfolded is i had really bad grades. and i thought i would never get them up. but i believed i could and i did get them up to an acceptable grade.

Turning Point

the turning point in my life was probably my third event area because ever since then i realised good grades are a very important thing in life like if i want to graduate i have to get good grades and if i want to get into the job i want i should probably do good in school.