Moravia's Collaborative Planning

"Team Work Makes The Dream Work"

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Math Teachers Make Quick Checks Happen

During this week's meeting, teachers discussed how they found Quick Checks to be extremely beneficial because it allowed them to get "in the moment data," helping them to determine which scholars would benefit more from small group instruction that day!

After wonderful discussion, some of the meeting's take-aways were:

  • Lesson plans should still include math/fluency centers with skills and names of scholars for each math/fluency center; however, Quick Checks, typically come after the "We Do" and is a fast way for teachers to see which scholars need more support. Therefore, after your "We Do" or at the end of your lesson, include a box that states "Small Group Instruction--see notes" and once you pull your group, jot down those scholars' names and what you worked on.

  • When you pull your small groups, don't feel like you need to follow a specific formula: Choose some problems from the Problem Set to model and practice with scholars, utilize manipulatives and whiteboards--you know your scholars, do what is best for them, but don't feel like you need to complete the entire Problem Set with them.

  • If scholars finish IP early?! The team discussed two options: 1. Have scholars do their exit ticket, then move to a math/fluency center while you continue to work with your small group or 2. Have "early finisher" options such as extra spiral reviews or additional challenge problems, then bring entire class together to do an exit ticket, and finally everyone transitions into math/fluency centers.

Literacy/Science Teachers Rocking the R.I.4 Standard

During this week's meeting, literacy/science teachers used the district's Focus Lesson template to write teacher-created lessons and shared their successes and challenges with the team. After great dialogue, some of the meeting's take-aways were:

  • The strategies we discussed to use for teaching standard R.I.4 are aligned to what our scholars were asked to do on the ELA Interim II Assessment. With practice with curriculum and rigorous texts, our scholars will continue to grow as "good readers" who can determine the words and phrases in grade-level and beyond texts.

  • We need to help scholars recognize the importance of listening when the teacher models and "thinks aloud"--this time is essential for scholars to understand how to apply similar strategies to their own reading to become better readers.

  • The team shared helpful tips to think about when planning, including, having scholars "close their eyes" to think about what they hear as the teacher reads/models and printing out the definitions of the words the teacher chooses for scholars to reference after they share "their understanding of the words."

Team's Next Steps and Reminders

All Teams

  • Teams will meet in grade level teams this week, not in content teams. This week's meeting will be held on Thursday, January 22nd and the topic will be SLO Training.

  • All ELA and Math Interim data MUST be inputted into DataLinks by this Friday, January 23rd! If your team is helping, make sure you are communicating this deadline to your teammates!

  • If scholars were absent last week, they MUST make up the Interim II Assessment as soon as possible. Teachers, you can give make-ups in your classroom. Scholars can take paper/pencil version or computer version if you/ grade level teammate have working computers. (Make-ups need to be inputted by the deadline as well, so I highly suggest allowing scholars to make-up assessments tomorrow or Wednesday.)

  • Friendly reminder that PTG print out of grades should be placed in Ms. William's mailbox by COB Tuesday, January 20th.

Math Team

  • Our next Math Collaborative Planning will be held on Thursday, January 29th and the topics will be reviewing Quick Checks and data/action planning. Please be on the look out for an e-mail that shares what to bring to this meeting.

Literacy/Science Team

  • Our next Literacy Collaborative Planning will be held on Monday, January 26th and the topics will be reviewing teacher-created lessons (Standard R.I.4) and data/action planning. Please be on the look out for an e-mail that shares what to bring to this meeting.