Athletic Trainer

Wellness & Fitness


per hour : $30

per year : $38,810

5 Primary Jobs & Responsibilities

  • assess an athletes illness or injury
  • use physical therapy equipment, techniques, and medicines
  • evaluate athletes readiness to play after an injury
  • assess & record progress of recovery
  • apply tape, bandages, or braces

Days & Hours Worked

12 hours/day or 40-50 hours/week

6-7 days a week

Potential Work Environment

  • high schools
  • colleges/universities
  • pro sports
  • sports med clinics
  • physician offices/hospitals

Promotions or Other Positions Available

promotion to a head trainer or training position with higher responsibilities

Employment Outlook

easy to apply

Education/Training Required

requires a Bachelors Degree but many athletic trainers have have higher Graduate Degree

4 Important Personality Characteristics

  • communication
  • commitment
  • care
  • knowlegde

Work/Volunteer Experience

  • chiropractic physicians
  • massage therapists

Advise to Someone Wanting This Job

  • have to be able to adapt & cannot be fearful of change
  • have to know how to deal with different personalities of their athletes

Where to Go for Further Information

  • local area high schools
  • physical therapy clinics

1 Related Career

exercise physiologists

3 Positive Aspects

  • make good money
  • involves athletics
  • AT's improve patient functional & physical outcomes

3 Negative Aspects

  • long hours
  • away from family
  • requires a lot of patience

After researching more about this job, is this job still a career possibility for you?

Yes, this is still a career possibility for me because I just want a job that will make me money and a job that will keep me involved with athletics and being an Athletic Trainer can do both for me.