Save The Peregrine Falcons!

They were almost extinct at one point! Don't let it happen!

How do you know it's a peregrine falcon?

They are about 18 inches long, fairly large falcons. They have slightly large heads, slim bodies, and pointed, thin wings that can almost reach their tail tip when not in flight. Their wings, tail, and black are grey-blue. Their lower breast and abdomen are a pink buff colour with black marks, and their throat and upper breast are creamy white.

What can YOU do?

Why do they need help?

Although they have somewhat recovered from close to extinction levels, there are still only 50-60 breeding pairs in Alberta. Not only that but, as said before, pesticides are making their egg shells so thin that they can break during the incubation process. Currently they are part of the Bring Back the Wild campaign and they are protected by the provincial Wildlife Act.