Alta Vista Personalized PD

October 9, 2017


Our goal for October 9 is to provide teachers with time to work on TTESS goals and discuss progress with other teachers that have similar goals. After a short meeting, you will break up into groups based on your TTESS goals. You will have an article to read and discuss with your group; use the rest of the morning to brainstorm, collaborate, and make progress towards your TTESS goals. You are welcome to visit multiple groups to collaborate and learn. Take a few minutes before lunch to upload your evidence in Eduphoria Strive

The afternoon will be devoted to grade level team planning. The leadership team will be available for questions and assistance.

Paraprofessionals and non-teaching staff will be assisting around the campus on special projects.


8:00 am-All teaching staff meets in library

8:45 am-Meet with the TTESS Goal Group of your choice

10:30-Upload evidence to Eduphoria Strive

11:00-Lunch on your own

12:30-Grade level planning

TTESS Goal Groups

  • Student Data Folders and/or Student-Teacher-Parent Conferences: Ms. Spark's Room
  • ELL Strategies & Certification: Ms. Ballard's Room
  • Guided Math (and Differentiation): Ms. Somer's Room
  • Conscious Discipline & Behavior: Library/Ms. Freeman's Office
  • Higher Order Questions and/or Formative Assessments/Learning Targets: Ms. Long's Room
  • STEM: Ms. Haskett's Room
  • PBLs and Integrating Subjects: Ms. Rawles' Room
  • Reading & Differentiation: Ms. Barnard's Room

TTESS Goal Articles

TTESS Goals Update

Your TTESS Goal Completion Date needs to be changed to May 8, 2017. Please do this immediately.