Michelangelo Buonarroti

By Nathan Raike

In the Beginning

  • Born on the 6th of March, 1475 in Caprese, Italy a suburb of Florence
  • He and his family spent a majority of their lives in Caprese because of his father's government post in the town. His mother died when he was 6.
  • After finishing grammar school, Michelangelo was apprenticed by famed artist Domenico Ghirlandaio; his apprenticeship was different in which no reasoning behind Ghirlandaio's choice has been proposed. Michelangelo's time with this artist was short lived and he soon left his master.
  • His general lifestyle was artistically based, in his youth, Michelangelo was given the rare opportunity to visit a vast collection of Roman sculptures by the "ruler of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici" (Gilbert 1).
  • Michelangelo aspired to become a well known painter and sculpture
  • In Florence the Medici family were the known patrons for upcoming artists, this is the same for Michelangelo
  • With the Renaissance came the developments of the "universal man", majority of Michelangelo's works followed a very Humanistic approach, this can be seen in the free standing nudes because of there approach to showing the genuine positives of every man

The Works of Michelangelo


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