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Wednesday 31st August 2022

Message from our Principal

Kia ora tatou, Mālō e lele, Ann yeong haseyo, Ni hao, Dzień dobry

Sport at Pinehill

Since the last newsletter I have had the privilege of attending our tamariki’s basketball games at The Breakers gym and netball games at Pinehurst School. What an exciting week of sport it was for me. It has been an absolute delight to see our students involved in sports from Y0&1 right up to Year 6. I am so proud of our tamariki’s involvement in a sports team and the way they truly displayed our Pinehill Way in every game I attended- Resilience, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity and Excellence both on and off the court. A huge Thank you to our Pinehill School Sports Coordinator, Darren Mathers, and to our coaches and managers who give their time each week to training and developing our players. We appreciate you! Thank you also to our parents who are committed to ensuring their children are at practice and games. I also loved the whanau encouragement, support and cheering on our children from you all on the sideline.

This sports quote rings true and is definitely something I was able to see first hand on the sideline at all our games.

‘Along with the physical and social benefits, sport teaches our children valuable life lessons. Children learn about teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship. Sports is about giving it their best shot and turning up on game day, rain or shine. It’s about high-fiving their teammates after a win or getting back up and dusting themselves after a loss. ‘ Sports NZ

If your child missed out on joining a netball team but remains interested in playing, please look out for communication in this newsletter from Mr Mathers on how to sign up and join a team for next term.

Three Way Conferences - Term 4

Traditionally we hold Three Way Conferences towards the end of term 3, however with our 25th Silver Jubilee events taking place at this time, we have scheduled Three Way Conferences for next term in week 1. These will take place on Wednesday 19th October, 3:15pm - 5:30pm and on Thursday 20th October, 1:30pm 7pm. Further information, including how to book will be shared towards the end of term.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many

Ngā mihi nui,

Carla Veldman, Principal

Our New Top Playground Progress

Pinehill School Behaviour Management

Our expectations, procedures and support plan were reviewed by staff, a parent group and BoT in

2021 and now include guidance for parents. Please look at the attached documents which are also available on the school website.

The Pinehill Way outlines the values identified by our community as the foundation for constructive

relationships and behaviour for all. Staff model positive behaviour and set expectations, knowing that

wellbeing is a key element of the foundation for a ‘learning focused’ environment. The Pinehill Way is

displayed in the playground, classrooms, the hall and available on the school website in several

languages. We use Respect and Integrity, aim for Excellence, learn Resilience and to take

Responsibility for actions and choices.

Concerns and Complaints


Matters concerning pupils coming from parents should in the first instance be directed to the classroom teacher.

See SchoolDocs for further information by searching ‘concerns and complaints.’

The Principal endeavours to assist parents to see these as matters of concern rather than as complaints. Often concerns can be cleared up simply with a little discussion. However, it is not always necessary for all matters involving parents to be referred through the principal. In fact, many matters are better handled on an informal basis by teachers.

Whenever a matter is significant, or if a parent feels the matter has not been resolved, it must be referred to the deputy principal or principal. Parents are not permitted to complain, nor to abuse a teacher in front of pupils.

We are protected legally from such actions. Process outlined below (also found in school docs).

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Board of Trustee Elections

Below are our 5 Board Nominees - If you haven't voted please refer to your email from CES and get your vote in before it closes on September 7th at 12pm.
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Following on from last week’s message about the powerfulness of empathy, check out this video that is part of the Year 5/6 TRP programme’s resources. It is a great reminder to us all that opportunities to show kindness towards others can be found anywhere, at any time.

Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

Friends of the school

Jesters Pie Day is EVERY TUESDAY!! Orders close a day prior (Monday) at 11 am.

It’s Snack Friday this week

We will be selling snacks in the hall foyer between 12:40 pm and 1 pm. From the health point of view, we suggest 1-2 snacks, and a $5 note is enough for your child. Lunch eating time ends at 12:40. There will be NO sales before this time.

Next Fun Food Friday is on 9 September. Online orders open this Saturday, 3 September.

It's Pinehill School's 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have an AWESOME range of Merch for EVERYONE! Grab a reusable coffee cup on the go or a cute little teddy for yourself or as a gift. (All sample items are available to view at the school office)

Online orders open Thursday 1 September

● Order through Kindo online shop

● Last day for online orders Wednesday 14 September

● Orders will be distributed to your child's class on Friday 16 September

New item added. Limited Stocks!!

Merch sales are also available at Art Exhibition Tuesday, 20 September, the Top Playground Opening (Thursday, 22 September) and the 25th Anniversary Assembly (Friday, 23 September). CASH ONLY

Pricing of items:

● 25th Anniversary Teddy - Special Edition $15 ea

● 25th Silver Jubilee Pen $5 ea

● Reusable Glass Cup (350ml) $18 ea

● Mug $15 ea

● Pocket Notebook (Assorted colours) $8

● Yoyo (Assorted colours) $8

Pre-orders (ordered before 10 August) will be delivered to your child’s class next Friday 9 September. If you have any queries, please email Thank you for your support!

Pinehill School PTA - Friends of Pinehill School

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25th Silver Jubilee Birthday Celebrations at Pinehill School - See website for details


Room 1 - Reggie Ma

Room 2 - Ray Li

Room 3 - Alexander Carter

Room 4 - Siddharth Sriram

Room 5 - Emily Lou

Room 6 - Alvin Qin

Room 7 - Dylan Sun

Room 8 - Yui Yan

Room 9 - Oscar Yang

Room 10 - Toha Van Der Westhuizen

Room 11 - Carlson Wongso

Room 12 - Kobe Taylor

Room 13 - Amy Nguyen

Room 14 - Soyou Kim

Room 15 - Charlotte Penny

Room 16 - Jugurtha Machouche

Room 17 - Cici Li

Room 18 - Frances Liu

Room 19 - Tina Dehar

Room 20 - Ethan Jin

Winning House - Waiheke

Spring Netball Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest now open for Spring netball - Please click on the link below

Spring Netball - Expressions of Interest

NETBALL - Players of the day

Year 4/5 Kiwis

Margarita Sukhorukova

Year 5 Pinehill Dragons

Olivia Haycock

Natasha Murray

Year 6 Pinehill Ponies

Lusia Naufahu

Naomi Yu

Basket Ball - Players of the day

Basketball Juniors -

Aiden Cen

Avniel Kumar

Year 3/4 Pinehill Wizards -

Siuta Naufahu

Year 5/6 Pinehill Heat -

Gavin Wang

Splash Polo - Players of the day

Savannah Van Biljon

Pinehill School Policies

All School policies are available through School Docs – click here

Logon – Pinehill

password – pinehillway

Kāhui Ako Cyber Safety Evening that will be held at Rangitoto College Auditorium on 29th September (7pm-9pm). Tickets are $10. Available from

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