Teachers try pocket whiteboard

Only .99 eash and fun to use

How it helps you a teacher with what ever lesson you teach ..... and how it works...

I am going to be teach you about the app pocket whiteboard. This app pocket whiteboard acts like a whiteboard you can write with a marker, erase like a normal board, and you can save and replay things that you done. The way you use it is going to the app and start drawingthe lesson, then press the save button and the lesson will go to you pictures. From your pictures you can can send to your email or text it to someone.

Order now for $0 .99

I suggest that you get this app. It is the best .99 cents that you have ever spent I promise you. I suggest you get it before the price goes up.

Product Features

Saves the last drawing or lesson you have done, real looking marker and eraser, makes noise like a eraser or marker, and saves lessons in to your picture so you go to your picture and can send a message or email to someone the lesson.
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