Perfecting Mankind

Ger Lor

Dorothea Dix

She investigated conditions in jail and almshouses of the states. She was a well known political figure.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

He became know for challenging traditional thoughts and an unwilling preacher. His philoshy is characterized by its reliance on intuition as the only way to comprehend reality.

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Horace Mann

He took an interest in politics, education and social reform, and upon graduation he gave a speech on the advancement of the human race through which education, philanthropy and republicanism could combine to benefit mankind.

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William Lloyd Garrison

At first believed that the society's goal was to promote blacks' freedom and well being, but Garrison grew disillusioned when he soon realized that their true objective was to minimize the amount of free slaves in the U.S.

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Believed to be the driving force behind the 1848 Convention and for the next fifty years played a leadership role in the women's right.

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Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Gallaudet opened the first American deaf school in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Elihu Burritt

He was an American philanthropist, known as "the learned blacksmith."

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Neal Dow

He was nicknamed the "Napolean of Temperance" and the "Father of Prohibition" was mayor of Portland, Maine. He sponsered the "Maine law of 1851."

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