The Nuclear Energy Recycle Bin

By: Ta'Qwan Davis

January 8th, 2016

As of today, I Ta'Qwan Davis, have discovered a revolutionary new use for proper disposal of Nuclear waste to make Nuclear energy.

The way this impacts positivly

How does it work???

It is as simple as 1. 2. and 3. all you have to do is plug the Eco-friendly recycle bin and attach it to the nuclear facility and drain the contents through the pipe to the bin. The bin copper like material keeps the waste in long enough for the matter transactor to decompose the material through a phase i like to call massodegence. The decomposed matter is then convert into nuclear energy. The energy is then transmitted by the company where they can do whatever they please

Safety Concerns

For a Job like this it is really concerning about how you should deal with this which is why you should have the following items and body wear to protect yourself from these harmful substances:

1. Hazmat suit

2. Oxygen Tank

3. Gas Mask

4. Bio-Shock shoes

5, And last but not least, A liability clause lol

How this helps The U.S.A

It helps the Untied States by:

Taking away less hazardous material

Substitute it with something a little more healthier for the community

And also it is less expensive then buying materials to dispose of the waste and still have a risk of spilling it