Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of May 20- 26

Monday, May 20

4th Quarter Principal Lunch - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday, May 21

Kindergarten Patriotic Program - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, May 22

Thursday, May 23

4th Grade Field Trip to Ft. Meigs - 9:00 - 1:00 pm

Kindergarten Field Trip - 9:15 am; 1:15 pm

Friday, May 24

Monclova's Got Talent - 9:30 am, 2:00 pm

Saturday, May 25

AWHS Commencement at BGSU Stroh Center, Bowling Green - 10 AM


Thank you:

Mr. Hennon for a wonderful field day! You had to make so many last minute changes and did it with great success. All students, staff and volunteers had a great day.

Staff for the YMCA donations! We raised over $140 this week, just another example of our culture at Monclova Primary!

to the 20+ staff members that took part in our health screenings AND completed the online health assessments! 100% participation, just like all of our other wellness activities.

Staff for all the Family Fun Night experience donations! Every single grade level and the office staff has something up for bid! This is a great way we can give back to MAPS!


"Monclova's Got Talent" is coming together! There will be shows on May 24 at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. Feel free to attend both shows, they will feature different acts.

The registration information for the CREATE! Conference has been sent out. I encourage you to attend if you there is anyway you can. It has some many great easy to implement offerings.

As you begin to think about your classroom arrangements for next year, please, make sure any furniture you buy or bring in is pre-approved through Matt Dick's office. The local fire departments are really taking note of furniture and citing the district. If there is something needed please see me and we can put an order in through the facilities request system.

Next week is the last of library visits and there will be no book check out.

The tutors will begin end of the year benchmarking next week. However, with all of the events during the week they may extend into the following week to get completed. Only those students CURRENTLY in RtI will be benchmarked.

Be sure to turn in your parent contact logs. You need to document 3 hours of parent contact outside of scheduled conferences, IEP, planning and 504 meetings.

A reminder that grades need to be finalized on May 29 NOT on the last day of school. Every standard on the progress report must be assessed at some point in the school year!

The building calendar is filling up, please make sure you are keeping up on the events. Most events on are the staff calendar and the live calendar on our website.

May 21 - Kindergarten Patriotic Program

May 24 - 4th grade talent show

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

Here is quick tip that I found quite timely as we are continually reminding parents the importance of kids to read over the summer! Also, the research quote is the direction classrooms are heading with the our professional development plan for next year!

Does Kenny G Still Practice?

Lori Sabo Issue #566

Kenny G is a world-renowned American saxophonist and one of the best-selling Grammy Award-winning artists of all time. His music was the smooth jazz soundtrack of our lives in the eighties and nineties. Many listeners wondered how he could hold a note so long without passing out until we heard rumors that he taught himself to breathe through his nose while still blowing out of his mouth. I have tried to emulate this without success. Try it. Your results may be just as embarrassing as mine.

You’d think that someone with such incredible talent and such an illustrious career would be able to rest a bit, sit at the top of that “I’ve made it” perch, and enjoy the view. So, it’s a bit surprising to find out that all these years later, he still practices three hours a day.

In an interview with Rachel Belle, Kenny said that he requested they meet at 11 because he practices from 7 to 10 every morning. Can you imagine?

What can our readers learn from this? If nothing else, greatness requires practice. Our students can’t hope to be fluent, accurate, deeply thinking readers if they read for only the briefest amount of time each day. I am discouraged by the lack of time some students have to read self-selected books. I’ve had upper elementary teachers share that their students get about six minutes a day to read. We can’t possibly hope to create lifelong readers if we aren’t instilling those habits now. We must take a brutally honest look at what is stealing their reading time, give it back, and then provide just-in-time support. The reading time combined with support is really the secret to success. As Miller and Moss (2013) say, “Research shows that independent reading must be accompanied by intentional instruction and conferring.” Our students deserve it. Their futures depend on it. Let’s make practice time sacred.