Pre-AP English 10

Quarter 1

Welcome to 10th grade!

This year we will be reading, writing, and arithmetic (No, wait, that's Mrs. Blackburn's job!). The purpose of this class is to get students ready for 11th grade English and future testing (AP exams and ACT/SAT). During the first nine weeks, we will be focusing on summer reading and reviewing grammar and writing.

Based on how the students do on the in-class grammar diagnostic test, we will review grammar concepts such as the parts of the sentence, subject-verb agreement, parallelism, active/passive voice, and modifiers. During our grammar study, we will have many, many daily grades (hardcopy practices, online exercises, and quizzes). We will also have several tests on grammar.

We will write two pieces: a narrative (Week 1-4) and a descriptive essay (Week 5-8). With both of these essays, we will practice in Writing Coach with immediate feedback for daily grades. In both of these essays, we will be practicing using the grammar we have studied in applicable ways.

In the middle of all this grammar and writing, we will read a couple short stories out of our textbook and continually learn new vocabulary. Many of our writing assignments will come from the in-class reading, and we will also have several daily grades from reading checks. We will have vocabulary quizzes every week on the new words we discussed at the beginning of the week.

Also on the literature front, we will be taking the STAR once a quarter to ensure literacy growth. The Media Specialist, Mrs. Elkins, has developed a cross-curricula reading program so that every student is reading AR books on different topics throughout the year. During Q1, the reading program is centered around English class, so your child will be reading literature books in their reading level. Every student must make 15 points. Every point up to 15 points over the required 15 points will be counted as extra credit. For extra credit, your student can read anything off of the extra credit reading list located on the class website. All the books for first quarter on the list are nonfiction books.

Remember to visit the class website for Quizlets, documents, and book reviews: