Suburban Sprawl

Human Dependence Project

Main Issues

1) Causes segregation

2) Isolates the poor

3) Increases air pollution

4) Water overconsumption

5) Loss of wildlife habitat

6) Increased racial and economic disparity

7) Increased risk of obesity

Discussing the negative effects of Suburban sprawl on the environment

Suburban or Urban Sprawl has many negative effects on the environment. Here are some words from Christopher Jones, International Business Times- “The climate crisis is urgent. We need 80-90 percent reductions in the coming decades to stabilize the climate,” Jones said. “We urgently need to find solutions that address the needs of communities while meeting aggressive greenhouse gas reductions. “We have seen that increasing population density is like pouring sand on a map; the more you pour in the middle, the further the sand pile spreads,” Jones said. “For the first time we are starting to see this trend reverse, with young people finally preferring to live in urban centers; however, it will take a long time, far too long from the perspective of global warming, to undo the damage of the last century of development.”

what are the main regions or areas in or nearest to north america affected by suburban sprawl?

  1. New York City, NY-NJ (Sprawl Index Score 203.4)
  2. San Francisco, CA (194.3)
  3. Atlantic City, NJ (150.4)
  4. Santa Barbara/Santa Maria, CA (146.6)
  5. Champaign, IL (145.2)
  6. Santa Cruz, CA (145.0)
  7. Trenton, NJ (144.7)
  8. Miami, FL (144.1)
  9. Springfield, IL (142.2)
  10. Santa Ana/Anaheim, CA (139.9)

what wildlife is most affected by your issue?

The top 2 wildlife species affected by Urban Sprawl are the Florida Panther and the Sandplain Gerardia.

how are the wildlife affected by urban sprawl?

Due to growth in human population, more and more homes, work buildings, schools, and landscape are being built every day. Because of this, wildlife like the Florida Panther and Sandplain Gerardia are becoming endangered. This is because their habitats are being demolished by architectures and workers.

does this issue affect our lives in League city?

Yes, this issue happens all over North America, some places are worse than others. Even though it is not severe here in League City, it is still happening whether you know it or not.

are people affected by this?

As of now, I don't think people are affected by Suburban Sprawl because we are the ones causing it. However, I do think that if this issue continues to occur we will be in serious trouble because of all of the wildlife we depended on will be extinct. So yes, it is inevitable that humans will be affected by their own actions sooner or later.

who or what causes urban sprawl to occur?

Overall, the human race causes Urban Sprawl to occur. But, individuals such as builders, business owners, homeowners, and architects have a huge part in it as well.

what are the solutions that people have come up with for urban sprawl?

Yes, here are some words from Christopher Jones, International Business Times- “This will require retraining urban planners to do more than build roads and buildings, but to develop policies and programs that motivate residents to take aggressive climate action in the short term,” he continued. “There are many attractive options available for every community and population segment. Somehow we need to make those options attractive on a massive scale.”

my idea for a new solution to urban sprawl

I think that this generation can help solve this problem by starting to control the growth of the buildings and homes being made and maybe even starting to control the amount of babies being made in certain places on this earth. I also think we could start to reserve certain areas for wildlife so that their habitats can't be demolished.

Urban Sprawl
Through connection to rural and urban spaces we can overcome sprawl | Brad Buchanan | TEDxMileHigh
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