Friday Focus

August 21, 2020

The First Pancake

A dear colleague of mine described the first day of remote learning as "the first pancake." If you have ever made a stack of pancakes, you know what I mean. That first pancake never turns out very well. Perhaps it's because the pan is not hot enough, resulting in an undercooked doughy mess, or maybe the oil has not fully coated the pan, and the first pancake can't even be flipped. I usually start out by setting my heat too high and end up burning my first batch. Let's face it. The first pancake is usually mediocre, but as you keep cooking, they get better and better.

That's how some of us felt about remote learning as we got started this week. Getting all of the digital tools to sync up, ensuring that all students had strong internet connectivity, or establishing new learning routines at home may have been a little messy, disappointing, or frustrating. But those first few experiences, as challenging as they were, pave the way for what's to come! We are confident that the changes we continue to make will help our remote learning experience get better and better for our students.

Thank you to all of our families for working alongside us this week. Your partnership, grace, and flexibility have been so appreciated, and we are filled with hope that this new way of learning is possible. Here's to the next batch of pancakes!

Have a great weekend!


Take a Tour of South Park School!

South Park School Tour 2020-2021

Curriculum Night Postponed

Curriculum Night was originally scheduled for next week, but District 109 has decided to postpone this event by a couple of weeks to give our staff time to focus on getting to know their students and fine-tuning their remote learning classrooms.

The event will be conducted in a virtual capacity. Stay tuned for more details.

Tech Support Videos and Zoom Office Hours for Parents

We've added some support videos for 109 Online Communication Tools on the 109 Online website: Innovation Specialist Videos and Support Office Hours We've also added Zoom Office Hours with Maria Galanis, the district's Innovation Curriculum Specialist.

Office Hours Zoom Link information:

AUGUST [Daily] at 9:30 am

Zoom Meeting Info:

Meeting ID: 986 4679 2292

Passcode: 808096

SEPTEMBER [Tues & Thursday] at 10:30am & 1:30pm

Zoom Meeting Info:

Meeting ID: 938 8648 9099

Passcode: 805390

You can feel free to contact Maria Galanis for any support you may need with digital tools via email, as well, at

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