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Annmarie Burhop * Humanities Coach * Wayne Elementary School


Welcome to the first literacy newsletter for 2016! One of my goals this year is to step out of my comfort zone and take more risks with technology, so you'll notice our 2016 newsletters are more high tech than my newsletters from a few years ago. In keeping with my technology goals, I'm also exploring different iPad apps. Please let me know if you're interesting in collaborating on using Notability or Explain Everything- I'd love to have a partner!

Have you ever considered ...

using the Socrative app on your iPad as an exit slip? We can set it up together, and then the app collects and organizes your data for you.

Continuing the Conversation on Anecdotal Records

The FUNCTION of anecdotal records is to capture what kids are able to do and what they are confusing. The FORM of anecdotal records is individual to the teacher. Whether you prefer using paper and pencil or an app like Notability, the following are areas to look for no matter what format you choose:
  • Reading Identity: Is this student an engaged reader?
  • Conversation Skills: Does this student grow thinking through conversation?
  • Reading Processes: Can this student meet the demands of this text band?

Coaching Menu

Let me know if you'd like:
  • another set of eyes collecting anecdotal data
  • to collaborate on your small group instruction
  • support administering and interpreting you F&P Benchmark Assessments

Upcoming Literacy Events

  • The F&P window is now open and runs until March 4th.
  • Young Authors's Project: Send your entries to Janet by February 24th
  • Read Across America is right around the corner on March 2nd.
  • Reading Olympics: Mark your calendars as Radnor is hosting this countywide event this year during the week of May 2nd.

A Thought for the Day

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