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We would like to welcome all parents and students back to PHS for the 2021- 2022 school year. We would also like to formally welcome the class of 2025 to PHS! We are excited to welcome students back to in-person learning.

We are still expecting students and staff to follow COVID 19 protocols. COVID 19 resources and information can be found using this link. The nursing staff at the PHS campus have been working extremely hard to keep the students and staff safe, and they deserve a big thank you!

Pennsbury High School administration and faculty invite you to attend this year's Virtual Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 30th. Live teacher presentations via Google Meet will begin at 6:30 pm and will continue throughout the evening according to the schedule below. The purpose of this year’s Virtual Back-to-School Night is to replicate your child’s FIRST SEMESTER - DAY 1 schedule, meet their teachers, and learn about each course.

To participate in live teacher presentations, please access each course’s unique Google Meet link by logging into your child’s Canvas account. Use your student’s account information through his or her chromebook or a personal device. Once logged into Canvas, meet links can be found in one of two locations on September 30th:

  1. Posted towards the bottom of each course’s homepage.

  2. Posted as an announcement which can be found in the upper left hand corner of the course’s homepage.

Our instructional technology department has been working diligently to make sure that teachers and students have the tools they need to be academically successful. Information will be provided later in the newsletter for how parents can check student grades in Canvas. More information about Canvas resources and information can be found here. The Google site contains information about the Canvas Family Support Site, and it gives a way for parents to submit help tickets if there are questions about how to use canvas.

As usual, we encourage you to reach out to your teachers, guidance counselors, and/or administrators for any questions that you have.

Here at Pennsbury High School, we are exceptionally proud of our school community

and all of the stakeholders who contribute to make this a great place to live and

learn. As a school community, we embrace our district’s mission statement:

“Recognizing our proud traditions and diverse community, the Pennsbury School

District prepares all students to become creative, ethical, and critical thinkers for

lifelong success in a global society.”

We strive to uphold these ideals every day in our interactions with all stakeholders. We’re looking forward to a great school year!

Lisa Becker

Reggie Meadows

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Maggie Golder selected to the U18 US National Select Team!

Ezra Greenberg Selected as a Coolidge Senator

Out of over 4,600 applications to the Coolidge Scholarship, Ezra was chosen as one of the top one hundred, making him a Coolidge Senator. The Coolidge Senators Program is a program from the Coolidge Foundation that recognizes the one hundred top applicants to the Coolidge Scholarship for demonstrating exceptional academic accomplishments and a special interest in Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge Senators receive a one-time college scholarship and are invited to take part, all-expenses-paid, in the annual Coolidge Senators Summit in Washington, D.C. During the multi-day Summit, Coolidge Senators tour the nation’s capital, discuss pressing issues in policy and business with renown experts, and engage in formal debates on issues of national importance.The Summit gives Senators a glimpse of the inner workings of our government. The Coolidge Foundation provides further enrichment opportunities for Coolidge Senators during their college years.

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Checking Assignment Grades in Canvas

  1. No individual assignment grades will be entered in TAC this year. They will only be in Canvas. Thus, it is more important than ever for you (parents) to create your own Observer accounts in Canvas to be able to monitor your students' performance. Not only will this allow you to see assignment grades, as they did in TAC, but you will be able to see much more, including assignment details, the actual student submission, all teacher comments and feedback, and more. Please use this this document to create and manage your own Observer account. Parents can use this link with to specifically show them how to access grades in Canvas.
  • Note that EACH Observer can and should have their own account. There is no limit to how many Observers can be paired with a particular student.
  • In order to create an Observer account and/or to pair with an additional student, parents will need to access a pairing code for each of their children. The students can generate this code from their accounts, as can any teacher, counselor, or administrator. Once a parent is paired with a student once, the pairing lasts for the remainder of their time in Pennsbury.

2. TAC will still be used for daily attendance and for final report card grades, including ECA grades.

Pennsbury Parent & Student Technology Resources

You will find all technology and how to guides listed here.

Pennsbury's Technology Page

This is the district webpage that will have links to various computer related issues. The different links are listed in the picture below.

Parents and Students Remote Learning Hub

Here you will find tutorials, tech help, Chromebook swapping information, help desk, community resources and school closing information. PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS SITE for future reference.

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School Counseling Resources

Click here to find information regarding ACT/SAT, Naviance, updates from the counselors, club information and PSAT information.

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Daily Announcements

Did you know that every day a student bulletin is posted to our PHS Website? Rotation days, upcoming events and other important information is updated every day.

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Pennsbury High School Website Attendance Page

Click here to the direct link for Attendance and Lateness Policies.

Link to Report a Student's Absence

Click here to access the direct link to report a student absence.

With Senior Prom coming up, come get prom attire from Cinderella’s Closet! Cinderella's Closet is an organization that provides striking formal attire for both men and women for FREE! Not only is this good for proms, but also formals, dances and other school related occasions.

Please contact Ms. Mickle at to set up an appointment!

*Here is our website.

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East Campus 705 Hood Blvd. 215-949-6700

Mr. Reggie Meadows Principal—East Campus

Mrs. Laura Tittle Assistant Principal

Mr. Ryan Regensburg Assistant Principal

Mrs. Justine McEachern Assistant Principal /

Supervisor of Counseling

West Campus 608 S. Olds Blvd. 215-949-6780

Mrs. Lisa Becker Principal

Mr. Richard Fry Assistant Principal

Mrs. Corinne Lyczkowski Assistant Principal

Mrs. Patricia Steckroat Assistant Principal

Mr. Lou Sudholz Asst. Principal/Athletic Director