Social Studies and Science News

Updates and information for parents of classes 4DH and 4DV

4th Grade Class Trip

Our visit to Winakung, the recreated Lenni Lenape village in Stanhope, NJ, was a wonderful start to our new Social Studies unit. The students observed and participated in many facets of Lenape life, including hunting, farming, home life, cooking, pottery, and so much more. The students were wonderful examples of exemplary Emerson behavior while they visited each site and enjoyed a beautiful day in the woods of northwest New Jersey. Over the next few weeks the students will have the opportunity to research more about the first people of New Jersey and create group projects to show what they have learned through the trip and their reading.

Science Update

This week we wrapped up the first part of our Science unit - Structures of Life. The students explored different types of seeds, observed the properties of seeds, and discovered what a seed looks like inside. After sprouting seedlings in small containers with only water and sunlight, we have moved the seedlings to hydroponic containers to observe further growth. Hydroponics is growing plants using only water and nutrients. The nutrients used are the same ones found in healthy soil. Watch the video below to see how hydroponic lettuce is grown on a large scale.

The second segment of our unit will begin in early November when we move on to structures in animals. The most exciting portion of this unit is the arrival of the crayfish! Stay tuned for notice of their arrival in a few short weeks.
Hydroponic Lettuce