Social Phobia

By Sophie and Patrick

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Phobia, or Social Anxiety Disorder, causes the person to experience an unreasonable fear of social interactions. Someone with Social Phobia is afraid of making mistakes, and looking bad in front of others. This can be made worse if they have a lack of social skills, or experience in social situations.

Symptoms of Social Phobia

Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder include:

  • Intense anxiety in social situations.
  • Avoidence of social situations.

Physical Symptoms include:

  • Confusion
  • Pouding Heart
  • Sweating
  • Shaking

Treatment Options

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy is intended to guide the person's thought in a more ration direction, and to help them no longer avoid social situations.

Medication for Social Anxiety Disorder usually constists of anti-anxiety medications.

Anitdepression medication may also be prescribed.

Locations for Specialized Treatment

Fisher Park Counseling in Greensboro, North Carolina 27401

Carolina's Counseling Group in Charlotte, North Carolina 28226

A Road to Recovery in Charlotte, North Carolina 28270