Kalen's Poemssssssss!! :)

By: Kalen D.

A Special Bake-Imagery

When I go home I wait and Wait,

for mom to make a special bake.

Its hot and white and so delish,

Its almost like a special dish.

With noodles and chicken and creamy ragu,

So hot off the stove I blew and blew.

Someting I love and adore and really desire,

Just thank God the kitchens not on fire.

Its so good and it's white and its so creamy,

Oh my gosh Fettuccini Alfredo is so dreamy!

Friday-Similies and Metaphores

Friday is a fun day for me,

First it's wake up get ready for the day.

Outside is as cold as a freezer,

Then on the bus is warm.

At the school full of theachers and students,

The crowd is a violet.

At the game I see all my friends,

It was a succes because we won!

And to top off the night,

Morgan comes over.

Dramatic Till The End- Personification

The stars dance in the sky,

The moon dreams of cows,

The sun guides a new day,

The rain tells the fire to calm,

The mountain listens to the cows bark,

The night brings a new day,

The moon follows the sun,

The rock hits my face.

My Brother Lucas-Couplet

My brohter Lucas is a turd,

But to bad Lucas is the third. (The third kid)

When he is on the couch,

I turn into a major grouch.

I want to slap him really bad,

But then he'd go and tell my dad.

Sometimes he is really slow,

But now its time for me to go.