neonatle nurse

The reason I choose to become a neonatle nurse......

~ Well I guess its because I just love to help people especally kids. <3 <3 <3

~ I just love helping the little babies

IN PROGRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

High school & collage

In order to become a Neonatle nurse I will have to study math and science in high school ( chemistry, biology, algebra, and calculas ) for 3 years.I have to study English and spanish for 2 years in high school. In college I will need to get a registerd nurse degree, it will take 2 years. I'm reguired to a have a bachelors degree, it will take 4 years. I will need to study extra hard to pass a NCLEX exam in order to get my nursing licence.Then I will need to get a masters science nursing degree, which will take 2 years of school. After all of this you will get a certifacate to become a certified nurse!!


~ Per hour $27.30- $42.72

~ Per month $5,416.00

~ Per year $64,992.00

The Cost Of Going To UNC Greensboro

For one year at UNC Greensboro it costs $17,825 but, I have to go for 4 years so It would cost $71,300. The number of monthly payments is 157. Giving $689.66 dollars a month. So my total monthly income would be $4,726.68 dollars.