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PBL Earthquake Project

Paragraph #2 30 Hands Project

What I learned during this project was that I was able to learn about Climate change, The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, and gases in the atmosphere. What I enjoyed most about this project was that I was able to make fun Pic Collages and I had fun with learning becasue of that. I felt good about this project becasue I was able to learn more from it.

Invention Convention

For our Invention Convention, my partner and I made and Invention that would solve our Environmental Problem. Our problem was that there were gasses in the atmosphere that contributed to the Greenhouse Effect and we needed to fix that problem by making a waterfall wheel that would turn the turbine to the generator, and create electricity. I felt good and excited about this project because we were able to build something from our creativity.

⬇️That picture shows my writing of our problem

⬇️That second Picture shows a design of our problem

⬇️The third picture is the actual model of our design

Thank you parents for coming to smore!