Types of Copyrights

By Sage Doman

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a license that you can get on a piece of work that protects it from other people using it without permission, or it can give anyone access to your work.

Different Types of Copyrights

Public Domain Copyright

What this copyright does is it gives anyone the right to be used (gives the public the right to use). An example of this would be a photographer taking 100 photos only wanting 1 of them to sell so he keeps that 1 but puts the other 99 into public domain for anyone to use.

Freeware Copyright

Freeware is software that has been copyrighted, however the author or the creator is giving it away for free. This means that the work is still technically owned by the creator but the creator has made it free. For example, Google Slides because anyone can use it and there is no advanced version.

Shareware Copyright

Shareware is a lot like freeware, in the sense that initially it is free, however shareware is free at first but then you have to upgrade to a full version or to have and unlimited time use. A good example of this is trials for software such as Netflix, you can get a free month trial and if you still like it you can buy it for use after the trial.

All Rights Reserved Copyright

What this means is that all rights are reserved to the creators and if you buy it or use it you can only do what is in the license agreement. Examples of this would be a movie because you can't distribute it or do anything with it other than watch it.

Open Source Copyright

What this copyright does is it gives access to only upgrading or improving the work. A good example of this would be google chrome and firefox because you can add add-ons to it that change the browser but improve it to your liking.