Fabulous Room 603

February 2016

Teacher News


Thank you for taking the time to read our classroom newsletter. It seems like only yesterday this school year was beginning. Now our students are less than 80 days away from being 4th graders. With that in mind, we're changing a couple things up as we prepare for the end of the school year. The following is a list of all classroom changes:

- Grades will be sent home every Wednesday. I ask that you sign or initial each assessment and return them back to school by Friday. Every Tuesday morning, all students will have the opportunity to correct their test for half credit. To gain half credit for problems missed on Math assessments students are asked to find the correct answer and show their work. To gain half credit on Word Study assessments students are asked to write the missed word 3 times. I hope this will allow students to feel more accountable for their grades.

- Homework has changed. Students are now asked to read 20 minutes a day, review word sort daily, and complete one row of Math daily. Please help me in making sure your child is practicing their words for the week.

-Student Portfolios are coming soon. I've created digital folders for each student. I will begin to share these folders once I finish placing digital assignments in each folder. Thanks for your patience.

- Google Classroom has many online resources for everything we're covering in class. Your child is welcomed to use Google Classroom to practice skills.

Once again, thank you for all your support!!

Ms. Lawson



Our students are working hard learning new skills everyday. In 3rd grade, we learn so many new things, but our students don't let these obstacles overwhelm them because they're Super Scholars. Please continue to encourage them as we move into 4th quarter

February Birthdays

Freddrick Lumpkin Feb. 9th

Happy birthday Freddrick!!

What We Are Learning in Room 603

The next two weeks:

Math- We are working on fractions! We just wrapped up our Geometry Unit and slowly introducing fractions. Although we have covered multiplication and division, please help me make sure that our scholars are continuing to study their multiplication facts. I will continue to place resources and quick drills on Google Classroom.

Writing- We will continue with our Informational Writing Unit.

Reading- We will focus on describing characters in a story and distinguishing our viewpoints from that of the narrator or author.

Science- We are starting a new unit on Heat Energy.

Save the date!

Feb. 5th Field Trip Money and Permission Slips are DUE for GA Aquarium/ World of Coke

Feb. 9th- Chili Supper / Cake Contest

Feb. 11th- GA Aquarium/ World of Coke Field Trip

Feb. 15th- No School