My Tasks

2nd Week Feedback


. To be really aware of your Pledges’ needs

. A permanent change in one area of your behaviour

Task # 1 – Individual Counselling

You will set the interview with each one of your Pledges and will discuss her qualities as well as the points which you would like to assist her in changing her ways, according to the evaluation you did for each one of them. Do not forget to praise her for her qualities but also give her practical ideas to overcome her weakness. Report, at the end of all interviews, to your Big Sister about the tasks given in practical terms for each of them.

I already spoke with Adeline.

I will be sending you a separated email with my report about it. :)

Task # 2 – Give “notice” to the Born Complainer in you

Many times we are so used to complain about small things and without noticing we become boring, contentious when we complain with our husband, with the children, with the dog. We complain just about anything without even noticing. This month we will bring this to an end. Every time that you will complain, you will do the opposite: give thanks for that situation, for that object out of place that will make you do an extra exercise so that you keep it properly. Report your experience to your Big Sister and share with your friends in your group in the community – Prov 21:9; 19

I'm continuously watching myself about it, because I want to show my Lord Jesus to everyone who is around me, and not pull people away because of my complains!

I've noticed that sometimes, if I was not watching and if I didn't hold my mouth, I would complain, and most of the times it's things that I didn't use to give to much credit, like "I'm so tired today", or "I still have to exercise", etc.

However I will keep watching!

I've seen a big difference in me already (specially while I'm driving), and I know that by the end of the Month I will see much more!


We do not include the book reading as a task for the Big Sisters because we believe you read most of them but it is always worth it to read the book of the month again or join the groups in reading for the first time.

I will be finishing it by the end of this week.

Task #3 - Personal

"O meu personal é fazer algo toda a semana que me faça sair do meu confortable Zone, literally!

Sinceramente, ainda não sei o que irei fazer, mas sei que Deus irá me dar a direção."

What I did this week really made me go out of my comfortable zone, and you know what Mrs. Teresa? I loved it! ;)

Today (Sunday) I wore an orange/pink dress!

It made me really want to work even more on my appearance, and that's what I will do!

Big kiss, and God bless you Mrs. Teresa! :)