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March 29, 2018

"Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you're doing it in the first place." Ralph Marston

State testing is almost done, the weather is getting nicer, and we are all getting spring fever. There are four weeks left of school. Students are easily distracted, it's hard to stay focused, and the temptation to "coast" is present. However, it is important for the future of our students that we actually "step up" the quality and intensity of what is happening in our school during these last few weeks. Here are a few suggestions of things we can do for ourselves during the final weeks to keep up our energy up and finish strong.

Work fewer hours: By this time of the year, "throwing time" at school doesn't pay off. Cutting back on outrageous work hours per week can often result in feeling more energized.

Read a stimulating book: Finding a stimulating book (or article) on teaching and learning might get you excited to try out some new things even though it's the end of the year.

Watch an intellectually stimulating video on the Web: Watching one of the numerous short and thought-provoking videos on the Web from sites like TED Talks, The Big Think, Ignite, Big Ideas Fest or Pop!Tech is another option. These videos are free and showcase presentations by people who are doing some of the most "cutting-edge" thinking and working in the world.

Write something useful for other teachers: Whether it's a tweet, a blog post or a lesson plan to be shared (or something else), forcing yourself to craft something public can keep your mind sharp.

Make a point to talk positive and lift each other up at lunch, in the halls, before and after school: It can be energizing to share with others the good things happening and hear the same from them.

While we might think we're concluding the school year, we are really much more importantly setting students, and ourselves, up for what comes next.

Upcoming Events

4/30-5/4 Art Show

4/30 - SOM Ceremony

5/2 - Senior Awards Ceremony

5/5 - Prom

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