New York

Marta Blanco


New York city is in the east of the USA, in North America. It is a big city. It has got approximately 19 million inhabitants.

The climate in this city is continental. Summers are very hot and winters are cold. Temperatures are of 35°C in summer, and of -10°C in winter.

New York is an old city. It was discovered in 1524 by europeans. It was conquered by the british in 1664. It has lots of monuments and things to see. You can see the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State, the Bridge of Brooklyn, Manhattan and much more.

You can also find museums such as Moma Museum, Salomon Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, Alice Austen House and more.

There are lot of things to do. You can spend time visitting museums or sigtseeing the most famous monuments. You can also have a fantastic dinner in restaurants like Becco Restaurant, Magnolia Bakery Restaurant or Shake Shack Restaurant. Tourists buy a lot of hot dogs and burguers.

I think New York is a fantastic place. Come and enjoy it!

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The Statue of Liberty

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Central Park

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Empire State

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Bridge of Brooklyn

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Some museums

Some restaurants

This is a video talking about the most famous monuments and things of New York

New York City - Top 10 Travel Attractions (New York Travel Video)