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Sharing and Learning at Southport High School

Leading and Learning: WHAT I WANT

As I continue to share what I want for my own students when they are in school. I shared the three items below.

  • I want my kids to be loved and cared for on a daily basis.
  • I want my kids to have opportunities to try new things and take risks in a safe environment.
  • I want my kids to learn.

I am going to move on to the next item this week:

I want my kids to have opportunities to try new things and take risks in a safe environment. The point of education must be to help students find their passion and be successful members of society. They need to find an avenue that will lead them eventually to a happy life, future career, and hopefully many future successes. To find this passion we must allow students to explore, try new things, and look down multiple paths. But, we must also consider that being the age of an adolescent is a scary time for most students. People this age are often concerned with what others will think, and most students are not willing to put themselves at risk of failure, or looking silly. This is where educators come in, teachers must create safe learning environments where students have the opportunity to fail and learn from those failures. Teachers should focus on planning experiences, not just lessons, for our students. We must help our students understand learning is a journey and on that journey failure is often a vital part of success.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Jorie DePalma for her efforts to support our students who were without water in Berkley Commons last week.
  • Kim Roberts and Austin Lundsford for hosting the play on Thursday and Friday this week.
  • the Athletic Department for honoring our state tournament qualifiers at the basketball game on Thursday.

Congratulations to Nick Skinner and Nathan Smith. Nathan finished 3rd place at the state wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 26: Grateful Friday Challenge

GGOOOOOOOOODDDDDD MMOOOOORRNNNNIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGGG SOUTHPORT!!! We did it! It might have been touch and go for a few moments this week, but here we are sitting on a Friday once again. What a time to be alive! Next week brings with it the month of March. That just sounds nice -- March! March touches April on the calendar, and that is next to May. We are doing it! It’s time to dig in and to keep kicking butt!

Can you feel the energy in the building? We have so much going on. We have winter teams that have finished their seasons. We had a lot of success this winter with sports and athletes representing the Cardinals. Boys basketball is the last sport still going and they are looking strong heading into the tournament with their big win last night, but spring sports have already begun to practice and that means that we have a new fleet of athletes getting ready to put it on the line and to fight for some wins this spring.

Today, with time running out on the month of February, your #SHSGFC is to start off class with some positive vibes. Ask the class to offer up some of their biggest wins from the semester. What was worth remembering? What needs to be recognized? What should be celebrated? Sure, it will take up a few minutes of time but it will be worth it. Listen to what the kids think is noteworthy and just see the smiles on their faces when they share something that makes them happy. Also, share your own wins as you talk to your colleagues today!

Positive vibes only! With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Bryan Schuerman

Mr. Schuerman's Human and Social Services students are learning about mental health and resources. Students today discussed how different family crises can impact students and their mental health. Students learned about addiction and domestic violence factors and then used that information to answer various questions about how these items can impact students in school.

Rachel Frantz, Bryan Elliott, and our Business Department

Ms. Frantz and Mr. Elliott's ICP students have been working to develop an eco-friendly ice pack. Students developed tests using different ingredients to develop their own ice pack as they have been studying freezing points. Students presented their projects today in 267. Students from Mrs. Quinlin, Mrs. Rettig, and Mr. Wiliams's Business classes came down to evaluate the pitch from each group as they explained why their ice packet was a quality product that could be marketed and sold to the public.

Jessi Walpole

Mrs. Walpole and the dance team visited Winchester Village Elementary School on Friday to participate in their Black History Month celebration. The Dance team performed for the elementary students and participated in the remainder of the BHM celebration activities alongside the future Cardinals of Winchester Village.

Jamie Marshall and Amy Boone

As part of the LAMP (Latinx Advocate & Mentorship Program), 16 SHS Latino mentors are pairs with 18 SMS Latino 8th graders in an effort to support their transition to high school. In this picture, Jasmine Martinez and Dariely Raudales-Lanza are leading a "Find Someone Who" ice breaker activity during the Latino mentorship program at SMS. The 11th grade mentors discussed the high school bell schedule, time management strategies, how to utilize iPass, and appropriate communication with teachers.

Educational Humor

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