Lexile Reading

Taylor Luptak

5 second rule

Biology students at Aston University in Birmingham, England did test to show the results of the 5 second rule. There was 2 common bacteria found. Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus — in common terms, E.coli and staph. They were found to be present on the food items. The type of surface depends on fast the bacteria catches the food.


Normally it depends what type of food has been dropped to determine if I should pick it up and eat it again. After reading this I do not think I will pick up food off the floor again and eat it. All the bacteria that can cause serious problems is not worth it.

Even popular kids get bullied

Researchers say that the more popular a person is the more likely they are to get bullied. Bullies try to move up the social ladder to bully to bring down the popular kids so the bully can have all the power.


Researchers say that the more popular you are, the more likely you are to have depression and suicidal thoughts. The more their lives are exposed, the more drama and stress it causes. In a study in North Carolina, it shows that the bullying depends on their home lives and what happens outside of the school.


I agree with the article and I disagree. Yes popular kids lives are more exposed but the "non-popular" kids are getting bullied for a different social status. This article made me think differently about social statuses. I have a different view on bullying now.