Final Project Classroom Study

Sammy Chumacero: K-6 Physical Education Teacher

The following goals are based on the study of my dual language 6th grade class

Some quick demographic information about this group:

Race: 27% white, 66% Hispanic, 7% other

Languages spoken: 48% English, 52% Spanish

SES: 72% free/reduced lunch

Goal #1

Provide high quality tier 1 instruction that uses strategies considered to be best practices for CLD learners. Providing a high amount of context and scaffolding the language I use for the content presented in physical education using methods from SIOP such as visual representations, realia, demonstrations, preteaching vocabulary and strategic use of native language, I can hopefully provide another environment in their school day where they can safely and successfully build their language skills (Echevarria, Vogt, Short. 2008). Well over half of my students are CLD learners, so teaching this way to every class all day seems appropriate.

Goal #2

Increase parent engagement in my classroom, specifically in regards to decision making. After winter break, I plan to send out a survey to all families using our Friday folder system to ask what types of activities they would like their student to learn about in P.E. I would provide examples of content I already teach, and provide a section to mention any special athletic skills or interests they might have that they would like to come help with at some point during the school year. Engaging parents in the decision making process can help build trusting relationships between families and the school, an essential component for CLD learners to be successful. Epstein discusses in his article about parent engagement how important the relationships between the school, community and families are for CLD families to be involved in their student’s education, and I’d like my students to be as successful as possible in my class.

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Goal #3

Ensure I am creating and maintaining a culturally sensitive and safe environment for my CLD learners (and all of my students for that matter). I’d like to survey my students in the middle and at the end of the year about how they are feeling during our P.E. classes, especially in regards to me respecting them and their individual cultures. I plan to meet with our ESL teacher to create appropriate questions so I can get as much information from my students as possible, and then use that information to drive my decisions around discipline, relationship building opportunities and even lesson design. The environment in which CLD students are learning is a key component to whether they will be successful in acquiring a second language, and for being successful in school overall. Delpit’s article describes how a culturally sensitive classroom where students feel safe, respected and allow their affective wall to be lowered is a much more conducive environment for learning in a different language than one where students feel judged, excluded or lost.

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