Unversity of Texas Tech

Lubbock, Texas

Guns up

Known everywhere Texas Tech always is holding their guns up. Its a finger and a thumb up in the air to show your school spirit. I think its really cool that they have a hand signal to show their pride. From when they score in any sport to when theyre singing the school song its always up in the air. Guns up is the symbol of texas tech just like the horns of the University of Texas.

Bangin Bertha

Saddle Tramps carry Bangin Bertha, a bell on a trailer, to all home football games and homecoming events. Its a tradition to ring it at every home game. It was invented in 1959 by Saddle Tramp Joe Winegar. Youll alway hear that bell ringing at the games. When ever you do your guns usually go up as well.

Saddle Tramps

Saddle Tramps are a group of guys who support the Texas Tech male atheletes. They go to every event of all the sports and are in a club. They are like a school spirit group to rial everyone up before the big games. Its a group you get picked into and is a very big commitment. Its a big acomplishment to get chosen into this group.