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America steps in and saves the day

Spain is continuing to loose its grip on their land ownership in the Americas. The government has been working hard to find a way to protect these lands from European countries taking them over. We are happy the say the Monroe Doctrine has been implemented. The Monroe Doctrine states that the United States will not interfere with affairs of European nations and would not interfere with European colonies that are already established in North or South America. It also would cut of the Western land of America off limits to colonization by any foreign power in the future and any power trying to colonize will be considered a hostile act.
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Political Cartoon Explaining the Monroe Doctrine

Adams is out, Jackson is in

Last President Jackson was inaugurated into office. He is known as the voice of common people. There was a party later yesterday night on the White House lawn. There were few police officers at his party and those few had a hard time controlling those party-goers. Jackson is very close to his friends and he has started to work them into government jobs. This is called the spoil system. We just hope this doesn't affect the governments power.
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Goodbye Indians, Hello Land

Congress just passed the Indian Removal Act. This gives the government to remove Indians who lives east of the Mississippi river from their land. They will be moved into land in the west. Although some do not support this act it is very important to the growth of our loved country. It will get rid of Indians that fill up land that could be used for farming.

The Cherokee Resist

Many Cherokee believe that they can avoid removal by adopting our way of humanity. Jackson will not let that happen. Sequoya has created a writing system using 86 syllables. Trying to adapt to the "white" culture. The government removed them and forced them on what is known as the Trail of Tears. One fourth of nearly 18,000 Cherokee Indians died on their walk into their new land called Indian Territory.
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Trail of Tears, the movement of Cherokee Indians