Weekly Update

September 26, 2014

Language Arts

Students are in the midst of writing a rough draft for their autobiography. I hope you enjoyed the questions your student asked you in order to be able to include important details about their lives. We have had some fun discussions about where our names came from and little details about original birthdays. Next week we will continue to work with prefixes in spelling and identifying the subject and predicate in sentences.

Students should be completing reading logs to turn in on Wednesday for a grade. I have reminded the kids to have a parent initial or sign the log- thanks for keeping up with them.

Our book shelves are FULL of books! Thank you for all of the donations- the kids have had a blast sharing books and making recommendations. As part of reading instruction, students are reading to themselves every day and writing about their reading. I am meeting with students individually to complete reading assessments.


Look closely at the background of our newsletter and you will know what has had us fascinated all week long...the Periodic Table! This week we have learned a LOT about elements, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons! Our science vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds. Students illustrated an atom from one of the elements on the periodic table and have asked more questions than we are able to answer. True scientists are always asking questions so I figure we are on our way!

Be on the lookout for a little science project the Atoms We Eat to come home Monday of next week.

One fun way to get the image in our minds of the structure of an atom was this video below of Dogs Teach Chemistry:

Dogs Teaching Chemistry - The Atom


Math 5: This week students classified triangles by sides and angles- so we are still busy using protractors.

Math 6: Students wrapped up order of operations, exponents & prime factorization.

Power School

I am in the process of updating grades in Power School. I have posted few grades and more will follow this weekend. Let me know if you have any Power School trouble.