News From Third and Fourth

Ms. Fayle's Room- March 16th, 2015

Twin Day in 3/4

Supplies Needed for Student Showcase!

The 3/4 Team is working hard to turn the classroom into Math Land for our Student Showcase Thursday night! We are in need of a few items to complete the Math Land magic. We are hoping to borrow:

  • a king's crown
  • several capes (any color/style/size)
  • fake plants, vines, or greenery
  • a fake beard

Thank you for raiding your old Halloween costumes and closets for us!

Static Electricity

Last week, our scientists launched a unit on energy by learning about being safe around electricity. We also learned about static electricity, electrons, and the role of positive and negative charges in the flow of energy. Students then used their knowledge to build up negative electrons on balloons and then check for positive and negative charges on items in the room. Positively charged items were attracted to the balloon, and negatively charged items were repelled. Check out the pictures below!