Paris, France

By: Kayla Larks Period 5

Why go to Ireland and France

I chose my dream vacation to be in several areas in Europe and the United Kingdom. I chose these locations because they have warm beaches, great monuments and anything that you wanted to do! They have several different areas where you can have delightful meals, experiences, and quality time alone or with family. Their is plenty of centers for fitness, fun, or even just relaxing. Families are welcome!

History: Write a brief history about your destination.

France is the most frequent place visited in the world. The Eiffel Tower was a sketch at first, but then was constructed by Stephen Sauvestre 1889. The Eiffel Tower was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. "Did you know that Paris has only on stop sign in the entire city?!" France used to be a small city in Rome called "Luteitia." Paris has plenty of other local museums that have lots of more information about other things about Paris. For example, the presidents, history, and other facts.



Culture: Write about your destinations culture.

The culture of France has been affected greatly by historical events, geography, and French people. French culture today has a touch of everything. Fashion, cuisine, and cinema. French culture has advanced in past 50 years because of the different styles and life styles throughout the turn of the century.


Lodging and Hotel: Where I'll be staying?

Flights: Iceland Air Line, Aer Lingus.

Cost: $1757.48


Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Abbey Hotel, Newbury Hotel, Hotel Pullman

Hotel Price: $485

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like?

Abbey Hotel: 2 single beds, bathroom, Cable

Newbury Hotel: 2 beds 1 bath

Pullman Hotel: 2 beds 1 bath, Near the Eiffel Tower


Activities/ Site to See: What will you do on your dream vacation? (You can add more than 3 activities)

Activity 1: National Aquatic Center

Description: Indoor Swimming Center

Cost: $13.24

Activity 2: Lilliput Adventure Center

Description: Facility of Fun

Cost: $128.85

Activity 3: Eiffel Tower

Description: Going up the Eiffel Tower

Cost: $24.12

Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.



  • On the Wrong Flight
  • Lost Luggage
  • Missed Your Flight


  • Check your flight before you board
  • Check your luggage before you leave or board the flight
  • Wake up earlier

In another Country


  • Your Lost
  • Don't have any money


  • Have a map with you
  • Bring Extra Money

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?

I am Kayla Larks. I have traveled only across the country but no where else besides America.


I chose to go to Paris with Xandra because she is my best friend and we always talk about going to Paris together. At first, I bought my round trip ticket for me and Xandra so we could get to Paris and be able to fly back home. Then we spent a portion of our money on hotels, food, transportation and tours around the city. One problem we discovered was that we ran very low on our cash for the last day. We decided that we wouldn't buy anymore items on our trip.