Mooresville Middle Anime Club!

Every other Thursday, in the staff development room!

What we do:

Every Club day, all the anime/weaboos meet up sharing there fandoms! Yes! we have activities! XD Normally we watch anime such as Pokemon, play cards like Yu-gi-o, create Japanese inspired origami, Draw manga or just sit around and talk to your fellow fans!

Anime conventions!

Anime is a Japanese Cartooning. Well.. I wouldn't say Cartooning... its more like a animation, hence the word "Anime". A few weeks ago (January 1-4) I went to a Anime convention! Now, you're probably like "whaaaat?!" Well let me explain! An anime convention is where people from all over the world gather together and cosplay (Cosplay is like an everyday halloween. Dress up!) We enter events and meet voice actors of our favorite anime characters! Here are a few examples! >

Guarenteed fun!

Frequently Asked questions.

Whats Anime: Anime is a Japanese Cartooning!

Whats Cosplay: Cosplay is practically dressing up! But, in an anime way! a few photos are up there ^^

World's End Dancehall feat.Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka - Project DIVA F (With Eng Translate)

Triad Anime Con

Friday, March 13th, 10am to Sunday, March 15th, 1am

Winston-Salem, NC, United States

Winston-Salem, NC