Devastating Natural Disasters


Tsunamis can cause terrible disasters. A tsunami is made up of many waves following each other, this pushes swells of water upwards, a tsunami may be over 100 feet tall. This natural disaster is caused by earthquakes in the ocean. According to National Geographic, tsunamis are made of many waves so more damage can be done as more waves reach shore, this is called a wave train (2016). The low point on a tsunami reaches shore first, which makes water get pulled up. Tsunamis are very fast, they sometimes reach 500 miles per hour (National Geographic, 2016).

To conclude, tsunamis are a type of natural disaster that causes terrible problems.

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A cold, foggy night…

Winds at the dock howled like a canine

It’s coming…

Caused by earthquakes in the ocean


Coming in at up to 500 miles per hour

It’s here…

Up to 100 feet tall!

A tsunami…

The gigantic waves threw a tantrum

Watch out...

80 percent of them start in the “Ring of Fire”

No more surfing…

The tops are always faster than the bottoms


Massive blue death machines come charging at the shore

The end is here.

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A Japanese Tsunami

This is a very large tsunami that is beginning to plague the people of Japan.


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A Disaster Waiting to Happen

This tsunami is quickly approaching shore, getting ready to begin destruction.


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Tsunami Statistics

The above diagram tells of the worst known tsunamis in the last 50 years.