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Using tyre energy label to buy car tyres in Gold coast

Tyre energy label

The tyre energy label has been mandatory on all new tyres sold since November 2012. Like the energy labels for household goods and cars, its aim is to tell consumers which car tyres in Gold coast are the most economical to buy.

As well as being a handy comparison tool, the label gives manufacturers an incentive to produce better tyres. This has worked for domestic appliances, where the level of improvement has led the authorities to re-evaluate the rating scales. After all, a label isn't so helpful if most manufacturers are rated at the top of the scale.

What information is included?

The label is applied to all new tyres, whether sold when you buy the car or aftermarket replacements.

Tyre suppliers are obliged to provide the information in any technical promotional material, including leaflets, brochures and on the internet. Retailers must ensure it is visible to buyers at point of sale – using a sticker or label like the one shown below.

Every label must display all three ratings in the format shown:

1) Fuel efficiency

This is a measure of the tyre’s rolling resistance, carried out on a calibrated test rig. The lower the rolling résistance, the better the fuel economy. The ratings relate to the table below.

2) Wet grip

Adding the grip rating to the label ensures tyre manufacturers don't compromise grip in order to get a good energy rating. The rating is based on wet braking in a straight line.

In reality, the braking distance depends on a host of additional factors, (like the efficiency of the anti-lock braking system and the tyre loadings, for example), but industry analysts have estimated that using a grade A tyres over Grade G ones (assuming all four tyres are fitted) can result in a 30% shorter stopping distance.

This is a useful indicator, but is nowhere near as comprehensive as our own wet grip assessments, which consider straight-line braking and traction, plus resistance to aquaplaning when cornering.

3) Noise

Noise has also been added, essentially treating this as another environmental concern.

While it will help drive noise levels down, we consider this less useful to owners, as it is based on a track-side measurement of exterior tyre noise.

When buying a car tyre in Gold coast, it is always advisable to check the energy label.