Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob was jewish and rich before WWII. When WWII began, Jacob was captured and was forced to live in the ghetto with his family. Jacob's mom died and then only lived with his aunt and grandmother in the ghetto. Jacobs aunt found someone to take Jacob and save him. When Jacob escaped from the ghetto he found Alex the one who was taking him in. Alex and his family were not jewish but were happy to help Jacob. Alex had two kids and a wife. Alex was a very good salesmen adn traded items very well so that his family could have the things they need to survive.


This story accured in Warsaw,Poland in 1939. When Germany took over Poland, they were sending all Jews to camps and ghettos. When jacob escaped he was taken in by someone his aunt found for him. The people who took him in was Alex and Mela who lived in an apartment. They helped Jacob get better and hid him from the Germans even after being blamed for hiding a Jew. They hid Jacob and his cosin that they brought in a few years later and moved and hid them until the war was finally over.


The Rosalans earned the Righteous Among Nations Award because first they hid two Jewish boys that could have got them killed for even hidding one. They earned that award because they helped Jacob when he was sick and needed surgary for his ear. They also earned the award because they sacrificed everything and there lives and their childrens lives to.


"If your not going, I'm not going". This had an impact because it showed how much Jacob cared and loved his aunt. It also showed that he was scared that he was going to lose what family he had left.