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End of Year Celebration!

On Monday at 1:30 we will be having a pizza party! I will be handing out classroom awards at this time as well. Thanks for all you have done this year!

A Note from Mrs. Longley

In case your student has not told you, I will not be here next year. I am moving over the summer to Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes I know, that is a really long ways to move! I do not expect a gift from any parent at the end of the year but I know some people like to give and that's always appreciated. I would just like you to bear in mind that I am having to be very picky about what I take from my classroom because whatever I bring has to be hauled across the country in a Uhaul! ;) Things I could really use is teacherspayteachers gift cards and amazon gift cards. These things would be extremely helpful in resupplying my future classroom. Thank you all for an amazing year and all the support you have given our classroom and your student.

June, July, and August Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to....

Steven- June 23

Lilian- June 27

Ashlin- July 7

Jayde- July 18

Jayden- August 12

Zoey- August 19

Landon- August 23