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Week of Dec. 7-11. 2015

Upcoming Events

This week:

Monday Dec. 7 E Day

Trisha and Shelley walk thru 12:30-1:30

1:30 5th Grade PLC

Pennies for Shoes continues this week

Tuesday Dec. 8 A Day

9:00-12;00 Trisha at Elementary Principals

4:00-4:30 Appy Hour: Educreations and Dropbox (setting up a place to share content with your students and for them to share content with you)

Wednesday Dec. 9 B Day

Collaborative Team Meeting Day (SIT)

10:30 3rd Grade PLC

12:30 2nd Grade PLC

2:30 1st Grade PLC

4:00 BLT meeting (cancelled)

Chipotle Night for Black Bob (119th/ 4:00-8:00)

Thursday Dec. 10 C Day

Trisha at CPI training 8-4

2:30 Kindergarten PLC

Friday Dec. 11 D Day

9:30 4th Grade PLC

2:00 School Spelling Bee

Next week:

Monday Dec. 14 E Day

Tuesday Dec. 15 A Day

Happy Birthday Kathy M.

BLT out of the building all day

Wednesday Dec. 16 B Day

Collaboration Team Meetings (SIT)

3:30 Student Council

Thursday Dec. 17 C Day

Holiday Luncheon

Holiday Assembly 2:15

Class Parties 3:00

Friday Dec. 18 D Day

Last day of 2rd Quarter

What to do If your Students "Don't"...

If a student is not following a rule… What not to do:

Warn the student to follow the rule after he or she has already broken it.

Allow your anger or frustration level to determine the consequence

Make up the rules as you go

What to do:

Announce to the student that because he/she chose to break the rule, a consequence will be given

Be consistent with your rules and consequences

Ensure that the rules are posted, and that the rules and consequences were discussed before any student had a chance to break the rules.

If a student is not following a procedure… What not to do:

Beg or plead

Resort to empty threats

Punish the student for not following a procedure

Ignore the fact that the student is not following a procedure

Be inconsistent with procedures

What to do:

Remind the student or have the student remind you of the procedure

Practice the procedure with the student

Hold private practice sessions if necessary

Make the procedure a rule for that student if the problem is chronic

From Seven Simple Secrets: What the Best Teachers Know and Do by Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker

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Google Maps feature

Did you know there is a "fly over tour" located within the map or google map app on your iPads. Google has a list of cities that it provides this feature.

First go to the app.

Type in a city such as Boston, New York City, or San Francisco.

Once you click on the city you have different options. Click on "fly over tour" and it begins all on its own.

Think how great of a "hook" this would be for students as they read about land forms, cities, or places in literature.

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Keep focused on our Standards

I realize there are many cute and fun things out there to do with your class during the holiday season. Please make sure what you choose to do in your classroom is always tied to our standards. It doesn't mean you can't do fun and creative ideas--just make sure you are tying them back to our ELA, Math, SS, or Science standards.

Visa Purchases

All purchasing needs to be done by Thursday, December 10.

This will ensure all transactions will be posted by the Visa cut off the following Tuesday, December 15. This will give you a full day to have completed your expense re-port and get it, along with your receipts, submitted to Terry no later than Thursday Dec. 17. This timeline will be important due to the fact that the school report must be completed by Friday, December 18.

Thank you for your help on this.

Remember, your cards should all be turned in to Terry when you are not using them.

Have a wonderful week!