Poetry Project

Anol Saha

I Wish

I wish I had all A's

I wish I corrected my mistakes

I wish I had I could eat tacos

I wish I had magic powers to bring life to my fishes

I wish I had A lot of money

I wish I had got my permit

I wish I could go become a small child again.

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

The Final Week of a 9 Week

I wake up jumping from my bed

Dizziness radiates all over my head

Pain flows like waves through my back

I get ready in a snap with my back pack

My parents burst into my room like hyper NFL scouts

I go to school

Tik Tok Tik Tok

The clock talks exasperatedly

Reminding me time is running out

School ends with a boom like bell sound

I submit the assignments in a moment of rush

I go to tutorials with a sentiment of listlessness

Teachers dominate my mind with grades and tests.

I came home half dead

Parents dominate my life over again

Hours pass by

Minutes pass by

Grades do not change

Emails are not replied by teachers

I find my way to a dark world

I sleep, trapped in that dark world for the rest of the week.


I stare at the door

I am silent like a rock

The room filled with darkness

I wait , wait , wait for the door to open

Every minute mutates my life

I think about my future

On the other side of the door is my future

But for now, I am in the dark

I see

I see light

Light enters the room though the door

Or is this my imagination?

I can feel the warmth

This is happening

The door opens like a computer turning on

The lawyer walks in

Creating suspense inside me

We have won!

The trial has as ended

I have achieved success

I am free like a bird flying in the sky