Ultrasound Technician

By: Jayne Bailes

Job Description

An ultrasound technician is a healthcare professional who conducts ultrasound examinations to help physicians diagnose and screen medical conditions.

They use medical equipment using sound waves to capture images of internal tissues within the human body. These images are used to diagnose such conditions as cancer, heart disease, or to monitor fetal development during pregnancies.

Skills Needed

  • People Skills - can calm and reassure the patient
  • Verbal Skills - provide useful answers to the patient
  • Writing Expertise - gives doctors the information they need to determine problems
  • Stamina - able to stand for long periods of time
  • Hand-eye Coordination - move device correctly across patients body

Level of Education

The most common way to get a career in sonography is to complete an associate degree program. Bachelor's programs sonography and medical technology are also solid preparation for this career.


Ultrasound technicians in the United States are expectedto make less than $69,633.

Job Listings

  • Raleigh - Wakemed Health and Hospital
  • Wilmington - Scarless Vein Care
  • Roanoke Rapids - Halfax Regional Medical Center
  • Sanford - Central Carolina Hospital
  • High Point - Company Confidential