Karl Landsteiner

By: Kennedy Anderson

Early Life

Karl was born on June 26, 1843 to his father Leopold and mother Fanny in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately Karl's father Leopold died when Karl was six, so he was raised by his mother most his life. Karl always did well in school, after he graduated secondary school with the Matura exam he took up the study of medicine at the University of Vienna and wrote his doctoral thesis in 1891. After studying medicine he began studying chemistry from 1891 to 1893.

The picture on the right is Karl Landsteiner in his young adult years.

Area of work & field of study

Karl's area of work was an Austrian biologist and physican, his field of study was Hematology. Hematology is the study of physiology of the blood. It studies the blood that forms organs, blood diseases, and deals with blood treatment and overall management of people with blood disorders ranging from anemia to blood cancer. The root word heme come from the greek word blood. Physicians that work in the field of Hematology are called hematologists.

Karl Landsteiner

How has Karl's work benefited us now?

Karl's discovery has made it possible focus to make modern medicines. His work has also made it possible to have surgery and transfer blood to save lives. In order to transfer blood he had to discover all the blood groups. Karl discovered blood types A,B and O. His study of the blood groups has contributed to solving crimes in criminal investigations and for forensic science.

The picture on the right is Karl with all the blood types.


In 1930 he won a Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, he got this because he discovered the Polio virus. He also won a prize called ForMeRs in 1941 because he contributed to the improvement of natural knowledge. As well as those other fabulous prizes he won the Lansker-DeBakey clinical medical research award in 1946, and was named the father of transfusion medicine.


In the future because of Karl's discoveries I think we will be able to create blood without taking it from other people, possibly a snythetic or man made blood. I also believe we will be able create some way we can put any blood into anybody without worrying if its the right type. I also one day hope we can create a small shot to cure blood cancer.
Pioneer: Karl Landsteiner