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week of September 16, 2013

Fourth Week of School

The first six weeks of school lays the groundwork for a productive year of learning. During this time, we are building community, creating rules and teaching routines, introducing engaging curriculum, fostering autonomy, integrating social and academic learning, and establishing high expectations for learning and behavior.

This week's focus includes:

Math- Understanding Numbers/ Place Value

Reading- Building a Reading Life

Writing- Building a Writing Life

Social Studies- Constitution Day


Last week, I discovered that families haven't been receiving my group emails (and I've sent several). I apologize for that. There was a problem when I built my email group on Outlook. Hopefully, it's been corrected. If you notice an absence of emails, let me know so I can investigate further.

e-Reader Policy

If you'd like your child to to use his/her Nook, Kindle, or other e-reader at school during class time to read a downloaded book, your permission is needed. Print and sign this permission slip. Then have your child return this slip to the class.


Last week, Padlet was added to your child's homework tasks. I use Padlet for children to record their responses to their reading (and other subjects/ topics). Each padlet "wall" has a unique address. I use a pattern to create the address. Ask your child about it to make sure they understand how to get to his/ her homework each night.

This week, I'll be adding IXL. IXL is a website where children can practice math and language arts skills based on their grade level. I will use IXL to practice math skills that they have already learned in class. It should be review. Each child has his/ her own account. Their account information can be found in their planner.

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