Karoliina Arvilommi

August 16-17-18, 2018 Hand & Machine Felting Masterclass

25 years of experience

Karoliina teaches the personal techniques and methods she developed, and is using, as a full time feltmaker for over 25 years. Since 2003 she has also been using the Liinalommi Felting Frame exclusively for all of her work.

developing your personal felting techniques

All the techniques taught in the class are applicable to hand as well as machine felting. Even if you have no interest in machine felting at all you will discover a world of possibilities. This class is also particularly good for someone who has never felted anything before! Each participant will receive instruction based on their own abilities and interests. This is not a project based class. This is about developing your personal felting techniques.

for beginners and experienced feltmakers

Learn painting and drawing with wool fibres to make highly decorative, thick felts, with turned, not cut, edges of any shape or form.. Colour blending, fine workmanship and felting quality, control of line, shape and edges. Learn a high degree of control of colour, design and form, without the need for any supplementary cutting, sewing, or needle felting. Create three dimensional objects such as bags or hats or cushions wholly on the machine using resist techniques. Learn how to control the quality of your felt layout techniques to ensure strong and reliable felted fabrics. A felted wall hanging will stand up for itself… Literally!

We believe felting is a technique that is taught uniquely by feel and touch and our classes are suitable for beginner felters.

do something that inspires you

During the class we will touch on a few different artistic techniques such as composition, proportion and colour theory as necessary. Do something that inspires you!! There are no hard and fast rules as to what kind of felt you can make. We’ll help you achieve what you desire. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us through the web page below.

Practical requirements for participants, some information about the machines, classes and wool can be found on http://woolpack.villivilla.com/

The feltingmachines can be ordered on request.

About the Artist

Karoliina Arvilommi and Roderick Welch live and work in a tiny village on the Finnish border with Russia. Karoliina has been a full time textile artist and a felt maker for 30 years. Roderick Welch has a background in arts, crafts, and three-dimensional design. Meticulously mentored by Karoliina, he very quickly developed his own, distinctive style, adapting designs and imagery from other mediums into felt.

Karoliina has been a full-time, independent felt maker and textile artist. Her first design using felt is the ryijy and felt hat ”Felting allowed the freedom of form and color that I was looking for" The hat is part of the public collection of the National Design Museum, Helsinki. For the most part Karoliina has focused on wall hangings. She is dedicated to the quality of her work and has developed her own methods and technique of felting. Each of her works is treated as a unique and individual piece, the emphasis being on handwork, taking time and care to ensure it meets her own high standards. Increasingly she has become involved in the processing of her wool to guarantee consistency of materials, including types of wool, self-dyeing with natural products, and carding without the addition of synthetic lubricants.





All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants

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